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Product application

0eC’s technology solves many of the challenges associated with the constant increase in performance needed for packaged applications (i.e. si interposers for 2.5D and 3D IC applications) for many years to come.

This will be the first application of our technology, disrupting a billion dollar industry with a single stroke.

How it works

Challenge ahead

Current technologies such as SI interposers for data transfer are limited in both size and data capacity and present massive challenges for next-generation products.

Introducing the 0eC bridge

0eC as developed a unique bridge technology for 2.5 D applications which provides a significantly higher data density compared with SI interposers.

The bridge replaces SI interposers with all their technical challenges, and has several benefits over conventional technologies.

How it works

The increase in data performance is made possible by the use of free electrons.

Our patented technology uses free electrons in bridges for die-to-die connections.

The solution completely changes the physics of data transfer and reduces the energy consumption consumption for die-to-die connections to practically zero.

Simple integration

Our bridge technology is capable of relaying electric signals using free electrons.



0eC bridge

This unique feature enables our clients to implement the technology without any noteworthy adjustments in their chip design and pick-and-place processes.

It gives our customers the freedom to concentrate on the design of the chip while we handle the rest.

What we offer

Current technologies 0eC technology
Data capacity
1 Gbps
Data capacity
10 Gbps
Die size
Max 1,700 mm
Die size
Data bandwidth
1 Tbps/mm
Data bandwidth
25 Tbps/mm
Manufact. costs:
Increasing exponentially.
Manufact. costs:
Cheaper than current interposer technologies.

Why necessary?

Most semiconductor devices today are enclosed in packages such as 2.5 D interposers or 3D IC.

Since mega trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected and self-driving cars will necessitate higher bandwidth data processing and communications, the need for high-performance packages will increase exponentially.

But the industry faces several big challenges as current technologies struggle to handle the increase in data, resulting in data bottlenecks, increased energy consumption and physical limitations in die size.

Not an evolution.
A game changer.

0eC’s first product will solve both current and future data bottlenecks for 2.5D packages and will save the semiconductor industry billions of dollars in research and development, as they will no longer need to constantly look for new ways to improve current but insufficient technologies.

Our game-changing technology will replace interposers in packaged applications with a smarter, faster, and much more efficient design, which will allow our customers to concentrate on chip design rather than on the connections between the chips.

Your Contact

Daniel Graf

Head of Business Development

+49 170 529 1257