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0eC introduces

The biggest revolution in data transfer since the invention of fiber optics.


OeC is a patented technology for transferring data at a much higher bandwidth and much more efficiently than any current technology. The solution can be applied to any data transfer medium – from the tiniest packaged applications to long-distance, high-bandwidth communication. The technology solves the need for increased data capacity for many years to come.


Our team of world-leading scientists discovered a way to guide electrons without a conductor, providing the physically most efficient way to transport data.

Data is transferred through an empty vacuum inside extremely tiny pipes (down to 1nm) which replace the conventional copper and fiber solutions used in chips, chiplets and electric conductors.

‘OeC represents a break-through in the physics of data transfer. For the first time in history, we are able to guide electrons along a path and greatly increase data capacity as applications keep getting smaller and the need for data bandwidth keeps on increasing.’

– Professor Uri Weiser

Next up: 2.5D

In its first implementation, OeC will effectively solve the pressing challenges with data bottlenecks and physical restrictions in the design of next-generation chips, such as 2.5D / 3D interconnect and chiplets – becoming an instant, must-have solution for chip manufacturers in the global USD +400 billion semiconductor industry.

Is it feasible?

Yes! The OeC technology is simple and cost-effective to implement and can easily be integrated with current manufacturing processes.

Watch our explainer video and see why our technology is the future of data transport.

Get Involved

We invite tech companies and investors who would like to benefit from this ground-breaking technology to join the revolution in data transfer.